Saturday, April 30, 2011

Site Design, Video Tutorials, and Mesh Mangling

I got a lot done this week.

On Site Redesign
First off, I redesigned the site. I replaced the table layout with div tags and CSS positioning. I also put in graphics, rounded borders, and a few other changes to the overall site look. It looks a lot better.

On My First Video Tutorial Screencast
I posted a Hello World video tutorial to youtube and the web site. It wasn't easy. Being on Ubuntu meant figuring out XvidCap, Sound Recorder, Audacity, and Avidemux to get the job done. The final result isn't perfect because of the stick mic I used. Thankfully, Youtube made getting it online and on the site the easiest part.

On Mesh Mangling and Creativity
I made a simple mesh mangler tool. It moves around parts of a 3D object randomly and has a slider to control how badly you want it to be messed up. It's a good way to make things look beat up and broken. It can be used for crinkling paper or rumpling up cloth for example.

My motivation for the mesh mangler is I wanted to move beyond tutorials and just make stuff. So I figured I'd do a small project just for fun. Example scripts is where I want to take Blender Python Tutorials down the road. Tutorials are generally a good way to start off but I think experimentation, curiosity, and learning from others is a better way to learn in the long run.

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