Monday, July 25, 2016

Flashmark - What It Is And Why I Made It

Consider this an experiment or perhaps a tech demo if you will. The idea here is to see how other people react to a project built with the FUMBLINA tech stack.  It's not perfect.  Eventually though, one has to expose a work to the world and see what kind of reaction it gets.  So here goes nothing.

What Flashmark Is

Flashmark makes learning easier by mixing together the ideas of a flashcard and a bookmark.  First, you create a flashcard.  Second, you attach bookmarks to that flashcard.  That's a flashmark.

Here is what a list of flashmarks looks like.

Below is a question and answer for one of them.

This is a what an attached learning resource looks like.

Flashmark Q and A should be short as should the bookmarks also be.  The 140 character limit imposed on everything enforces that.

It's been tested on Chrome on a Linux desktop and Chrome for Android on a Samsung Galaxy phone.  It should work well on anything that plays well with AngularJS and Bootstrap.  If it fails on your platform, leave an issue here.

Personal Testimonial

I built this because I like teaching myself stuff.  So here is my use case for this project.

Every morning, I train myself using Anki flashcards.  If I do bad on a card, a note goes on the whiteboard and I move on to the next one.  This continues until my daily review allotment is done.

Afterwards is my "attack the weakness" phase.  This is where Flashmark comes in.  New flashmark questions and answers get made for whatever I put on the board.  I google up relevant links and attach them to the new cards.  Ideally, each card will get more than one bookmark if I can help it.

Mobile-friendliness is a sweet bonus.  Today, for example, a grocery line wait gave me a moment to review worker connection setup for Nginx configuration.  It's a great time optimizer as studying goes.

My Anki deck statistics for software development got a boost from this project.  Right now, my current "mastery" is at 98%.  This is for a collection of about 700 cards.  Not bad!

Some caveats to my results are due however.  For one, a 98% self assessment is no substitute for outside parties reviewing one's work.  Also, if I had to be completely honest with myself, some skill gain was likely the result of building Flashmark itself.  So I naturally have reason to be skeptical of my own success with this software.

Feel Free To Try It

Go right on ahead and try Flashmark for yourself.  Comments and criticism are welcome.  The reactions, good or bad, should hopefully be instructional.

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